We offer a wide variety of services in our office, including:

-          Chiropractic Adjustments: Dr. Livingstone provides both manual adjustments and Activator adjustments. Chiropractic is effective at restoring and maintaining the body's overall wellness.

-          Postural and Prehab Exercise: We prescribe our patients with customized exercise plans that aim to correct postural abnormalities, prevent injury, and keep them properly moving as they age.

-          Shockwave Therapy: Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) uses rapid high amplitude pulses delivered to the injured area in order to reduce pain and speed up the healing process. ESWT is highly successful at treating a number of conditions including lateral and medial epicondylitis (tennis elbow and golfers elbow), achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and more. More information can be found HERE.

-          Massage Therapy: Our registered massage therapist, Crystal Cervo, uses a variety of massage techniques including traditional, hot stone, and Indian head massage.

-          Custom Orthotics: Our diagnostic equipment tracks the biomechanics of your feet as you walk, allowing us to create orthotics that are a perfect fit for your feet.