A Look at Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Bound by bones and ligaments, the carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway located on the palm side of your wrist.  This tunnel protects a main nerve to your hand and the nine tendons that bend your fingers.

The median nerve runs from your forearm through a passageway in your wrist (the carpal tunnel) to your hand.  It provides sensation to the palm side of your thumb and fingers, with the exception of your little finger.  It also provides nerve signals to move muscles around the base of your thumb (motor function). 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a hand and arm condition that causes numbness, tingling, weakness and other symptoms.  Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs as a result of compression of the median nerve.  In general, anything that crowds, irritates or compresses the median nerve in the carpal tunnel space can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome usually starts gradually with numbness or tingling in your thumb, index and middle fingers that comes and goes.  This may be associated with discomfort in your wrist and hand. 

These symptoms can be successfully treated through chiropractic care.  The median nerve in the wrist connects to the spinal cord through the openings in the bones in the areas around the lower neck.  If these bones in the spinal cord lose their ordinary position or motion, this can cause problems in the wrists or fingers.  Through chiropractic treatments, these bones can reset to the correct position and can help to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. 

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